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Self Review

1. I am a Full Stack Developer with 7+ years working experience of software development using JAVA、PHP、 Android and other Web based technologies, which includes 4+ years of Android Rom and Application development experiences.

2. I can work independently for designing, programming, testing and releasing Android apps and Web APIs (By using PHP or Java).

3. Always focusing on excellent work and loving team work as well.

4. With working experiences abroad (Japan, India).


Familiar with Android development framework, mastering apps development of Android 4.x above. And I am also familiar with MVC/MVP Architecture、Butterknife、Rxjava、 android-async-http、okhttp、Retrofit、Rxbus、EventBus、Glide、Android Runtime Permission、Easypermission、Gson etc. Knowing of the cross-platform framework DeviceOne to make native application interfaces.

Familiar with Material Design, Activity, Fragment, UI Building, RecyclerView,Handler, V4 and V7 Support repository,performance analysis and memory leak testing.

Familiar of using Android Studio、Gradle etc.

Familiar with Linux environment developing(LAMP+Android).

Familiar with Web Development using PHP, JAVA, MYSQL, JAVASCRIPT, HTML5 etc.

Familiar with code management tools such as Git, Gerrit, SVN.

Familiar with RDBMS, such as MYSQl,SQLite etc.

Familiar with Socket、HTTP etc.

Contact info:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/richfuns

Twitter: https://twitter.com/richfuns


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