Developing a Cordova App with Sencha Touch and build for android platform

Software Preparation

1.Install JDK and JRE
2.Install Android SDK
3.Install Sencha Cmd
4.Install Node
5.Install Apache Ant if you are using Windows

Step 1 :   create a sencha touch project

sencha -sdk /path/to/Framework generate app MyApp /path/to/MyApp

Setp 2 :  Go to sencha project folder and run the following command

sencha cordova init com.mycompany.MyApp MyApp

Note : 

com.mycompany.MyApp is your application ID; MyApp is your application name

Step 3:  Build your application based on your using platform, like android

sencha app build android

Step 4:  Run your application in a connected device(Build your sencha and native app)

sencha app run android

Step 5:  “prepare” will build your Sencha application, then prepare the built application into the native app

sencha app prepare android 

Step 6: Build your app and communicate to Cordova(Copy new source code to Cordova)

sencha app build native 

Note: This is necessary to do if you has changed something in your project

Step 7: Generate android apk through Apache Ant

sencha app build native android

Step 8: Install the apk in your device

The apk usually locate in G:\myApp\cordova\platforms\android\ant-build\





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